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The information followng has already been leaked into the public domain, and consequently seems to have been taken down along with Cryptobin.
There isn't evidence yet this is law enforcement activity, but just to be sure, I thought I'd throw up a mirror anyway to keep it available.
If you are going to leak data, at least do it properly please. Making the source hard to find like that can put people in danger of malware/attack.


I have had these files for longer than the public have known about them and did not release as I did not have the permission
of the source to do so. However, as they are now public anyway, I no longer require source permission to make them public. However, if the source
can re-establish contact and authorise the release of the rest of this cache I would greatly appreciate it, as there is more to come than this.

View Files

View FBI File (approx 1,795KB)
View DHS File (approx 868KB)


Size: 633KB Compressed - 2,663KB Extracted
SHA1: 09B3 50A2 158C ECC0 C294 7722 BD73 8B52 0743 8DDA
SHA256: C166 4E04 EC4C EA5A 9F1E 24BC EF17 1F86 B46F F4A2 02A2 EF77 C003 0C89 80AB 4913

HTTPS: Download the FBI-DHS Release 1
Torrent: Download the FBI-DHS Release 1
Magnet: Download the FBI-DHS Release 1

REMINDER: Magnet and torrent downloads are not anonymous.

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-Cthulhu (@CthulhuSec)

Date 11-02-2016